Honored Service Member Listing 1992 to Present

Member Division Section Year
Abbot, Ted Thermoset Ontario 1997
Allen, John D. Mold Making & Mold Design Cleveland 2002
Andersen, Paul, Dr. Extrusion Palisades-New Jersey 2015
Andre, Norm Thermoset Chicago 1999
Anton, Stanley J. President's Cup 1994
Anzini, David J. Extrusion Division Carolinas 2022
Arduini, Alan J. Marketing & Management Central Indiana 2005
Arendt, William D. Vinyl Plastics Chicago 1997
Arndt, R. David Automotive Detroit 2002
Arnold-Feret, Barbara Product Design & Development North Texas 2003
Aubrey, Barry T. Rotational Molding Miami Valley 2007
Bachman, Bonnie Engineering Properties & Structure South Florida 2001
Balthazar, Earl W., III Color & Appearance North Texas 2011
Barger, Mark Blow Molding Mid-Michigan 2012
Barnes, Ralph E. Injection Molding Rochester 2006
Barth, Frank J. Thermoforming Quebec 1997
Barto, Charles A. Injection Molding Lehigh Valley 1995
Bassett III, William Polymer Modifiers & Additives South Texas 2003
Basso, Helen Injection Molding Western Michigan 2012
Batiuk, Martin Extrusion Cleveland 1995
Baumann, Margaret H. Marketing & Management Newark 1994
Bayley, Dennis Polymer Modifiers & Additives Ontario 2000
Beall, Glenn L. Rotational Molding Chicago 2005
Beard, Robert A. Injection Molding Chicago 2009
Beatty, Charles L. (D) Engineering Properties & Structure Central Florida 2005
Bennett, Joe (D) Injection Molding Carolinas 1994
Bennyhoff, Bonnie Automotive Detroit 2005
Berard, Mark T., Dr. Vinyl Plastics Gulf South Central 2009
Bernacki, John Composites Rochester 2006
Bernhardt, Anne Product Design & Development North Texas 2006
Biggs, Suzanne Marketing & Management South Texas 2006
Blackwell, L.D. Extrusion South Texas 2006
Bloom, Edward S. Plastics Recycling Philadelphia 1993
Bowland, Creig Composites Detroit 2013
Bradley, Richard Vinyl Plastics Palisades 2001
Braney, Ken J. European Thermoforming UK/Ireland 2011
Brax, Harri J. Marketing & Management Carolinas 2002
Bristol, Gail R. President's Cup Connecticut 2008
Britton, James E. Automotive Detroit 1996
Broome, Russell C. Marketing & Management Piedmont Coastal 2009
Brosius, Dale Thermoset Detroit 2009
Browitt, Terence (D) Marketing & Management Quebec 1998
Buckleitner, Eric L. (D) Moldmaking/Mold Design Western Michigan 1993
Buckley, Daniel T. Advanced Polymer Composites Hudson-Mohawk 1994
Buja, Frederick J. (D) Mold Making & Mold Design Rochester 2006
Burnett, Robert H. Vinyl Plastics Virginia 2005
Bush, Ray J. Vinyl Plastics UK/Ireland 2002
Cameron, Dick Marketing & Management Pittsburgh 2005
Cameron, Joe Color & Appearance Upper Midwest 2003
Campbell, Gregory A., Dr. Extrusion Detroit 2011
Cangelosi, Frank, Dr. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Connecticut 2009
Cappelletti, Michael (D) President's Cup Connecticut 2001
Carlin, Conor P. Recycling, Thermoforming President's Cup 2021
Carlson, Charles (D) Injection Molding Western Michigan 1995
Carmagnola, Ernest D. Automotive New York 1995
Carow, R. Steven Thermoset Piedmont Coastal 1999
Casey, William J. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1993
Charvat, Robert Color & Appearance Cleveland 1994
Chatterjee, Ananda M. (D) Thermoplastic Materials & Foams South Texas 2005
Christensen, Ralph Extrusion South Texas 1998
Claypoole, Homer 'Jack' Injection Molding Chicago 1999
Coaker, A. William Vinyl Plastics Cleveland 2003
Coel, Joe (D) Mold Making & Mold Design Milwaukee 2002
Cole, Suzanne Automotive Detroit 2006
Coleman, Ernest A. (D) Polymer Modifiers & Additives Connecticut 2005
Connolly, Michael Composites Detroit 2013
Copp, John E. Color & Appearance Mid Michigan 1997
Cotten, Frank Injection Molding Piedmont Coastal 1995
Cowell, Richard D. Composites/Polymer Mod. & Add. Newark 2005
Cowgill, Paul W. Injection Molding Piedmont Coastal 1994
Cramer, Robert E. (D) President's Cup 1999
Cressy, Terrence Q. (D) Automotive Detroit 2002
Cude, J. Michael (D) Medical Plastics Tennessee Valley 2004
Cunningham, James H. Plastics Recycling Carolinas 1994
Cutroni, Frank J. Injection Molding South Florida 1994
Czuba, Len Medical Plastics Chicago 2000
Dahl, Kenneth (D) Injection Molding Chicago 1992
Davis, Charles C Engineering, Properties & Struct. Mid-Michigan 1996
Davis, Donna Thermoplastic Materials & Foams South Texas 1999
Davis, Sandra P. Color & Appearance Philadelphia 2008
Day, Gary A. Injection Molding Western Michigan 1997
De Craene, Jacques (D) -- Benelux 1993
De Vos, Wim President's Cup 2015
Dealey, Robert W. Moldmaking/Mold Design Milwaukee 1994
Dean, Anthony F., Jr. Extrusion Akron 2006
Deans, Frederick Automotive Northwestern PA 2003
DeBoo, Robert V. Extrusion Southern 1994
Dieckmann, Dale Polymer Modifiers & Additives Kansas City 2000
Diecks, William A. Marketing & Management South Texas 2002
Drieskens, Gerald Injection Molding Benelux 1998
Driscoll, Stephen Burke Engineering Properties & Struct. Eastern New England 1997
Drusda, Jeffrey S.  Color & Appearance 2024
Duska, Joseph J. Extrusion Palisades/New Jersey 2011
Duvall, Donald Plastics Pipe & Fitting Chicago 2017
Edward, James M. Extrusion Quebec 1996
Ehr, Sharon M. Color & Appearance Western Michigan 2010
Ehrig, Raymond J. President's Cup 1993
Eichen, Laurence M. (D) Injection Molding Baltimore-Washington 1996
El-Hibri, Jamal Engineering Properties & Structure Southern 2008
Erickson, David R. Injection Molding Upper Midwest 1999
Exner, William E. Thermoset Chicago 1992
Farren, Peter J. Extrusion UK/Ireland 2007
Fasano, Frank L (D) Color & Appearance South Florida 1998
Ferguson, Lewis (D) Blow Molding Philadelphia 2012
Fina, Paul E. Thermoset Chicago 1995
Fischer, Jerry M. Mold Making & Mold Design Oklahoma 2009
Forger, Robert D. (D) President's Cup Connecticut 1992
Fountas, Nicholas G. Injection Molding Pioneer Valley 2005
Fowler, Norman E. Marketing & Management Rochester 1996
Frankland, James D. Jr. Extrusion Pittsburgh 2007
Fuggiti, Henry A Injection Molding Delaware Valley 1993
Gardiner, Jay L. (D) Mold Making & Mold Design New York 2007
Garrett, David W. Composites Southern 2002
Gately, Philip M. Extrusion SE New England 1995
Gedemer, Thomas J. President's Cup 1990
Genet, Barbara Decorating & Assembly New York 1995
Glatt, Edward W."Skip" Mold Making & Mold Design Chicago 1996
Goettler, Lloyd A., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Akron 2008
Goin, Celia Polymer Modifiers & Additives Virginia 1998
Golding, Terry L. (D) Color & Appearance Upper Midwest 2007
Golmanavich, Jerry Injection Molding Nebraska 2003
Gomez, Jaime President's Cup 2014
Goodman, Donald Marketing & Management Palisades 2000
Grady, Brian Engineering Properties & Structure Oklahoma 2016
Graff, John R., Jr. (D) Color & Appearance Pittsburgh 1993
Gramann, Paul J., Dr. Failure Analysis & Prevention Milwaukee 2022
Grelle, Peter F. (D) Injection Molding Detroit 2006
Griep, John R. (D) Thermoforming Arizona (Pres. Cup) 1998
Griffing, James S. Composites Pacific Northwest 2010
Grossman, Richard F. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Palisades 2005
Grove, Dale A., Dr. Composites Ohio Firelands 2008
Gupta, Rakesh K., Dr Polymer Modifiers & Additives West Virginia & SE Ohio 2014
Haas, John F. Automotive Detroit 2002
Hall, Dave C. Injection Molding Rochester 1998
Hamel, Pierre (D) Extrusion Quebec 2012
Hayford, Dennis L. Plastics Recycling Carolinas 1992
Heinke, Richard M. Injection Molding Nebraska 1999
Heitker, Mark Blow Molding South Texas 2013
Heitzman, Scott Color and Appearance 2019
Henneberry, Gary S. Blow Molding Philadelphia 1994
Henry, David T. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams South Texas 2003
Hermanson, Nancy J. Medical Plastics Mid-Michigan 2002
Hertlein, Wayne M. Mold Making & Mold Design Detroit 2006
Hill, Jack Thermoforming Milwaukee 2004
Hills, Robert G. (D) Extrusion Akron (Pres. Cup) 1995
Ho, Thoi (D) Polymer Modifers and Additives South Texas 2013
Hogan, Todd A. Extrusion Mid-Michigan 2004
Hollenbeck, Donald C. Injection Molding Philadelphia 1993
Hormozi, Hormoz Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Chicago 2003
Howell, Robert T. Injection Molding Kentuckiana 1992
Hull, John L. (D) Electrical & Electronic Philadelphia 1993
Humphrey, William A. Injection Molding New York 1993
Husti, Martin Extrusion South Texas 1997
Irwin, Chris Blow Molding Toledo 1999
Jackson, Robert R. Blow Molding Milwaukee 2004
Jambro, Donald J. Injection Molding Rochester 1996
Jana, Sadhan C., Prof. Engineering Properties & Structure and Composites Akron 2014
Janssen, Cor European Thermoforming Benelux 2006
Johnke, Klaus-Dieter Automotive Central Europe 2005
Johnson, Bradley G. Injection Molding Northwestern Pennsylvania 2023
Johnson, David N. Color & Appearance Ohio Firelands 2008
Johnson, Earle S. (D) Injection Molding Baltimore-Washington 1993
Johnson, Richard W., Dr. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 2007
Jonkers, G H Blow Molding Benelux 1999
Kaderbek, Charles J (D) Automotive Chicago 1994
Kakarala, S. Norm Automotive Detroit 2003
Kerouac, Kenneth A. Injection Molding Mid-Michigan 2009
Kilpatrick, Kenneth K. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Carolinas 1992
Kipp, Roger C. Thermoforming Susquehanna 2008
Kloesel, Max W. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams South Texas 2002
Kotak, Vijay R. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 2002
Kozak, Michael Composites North Texas 2001
Kulkarni, Vaman Electrical & Electronic Carolinas 2000
Kumar, Ashok Automotive India 1995
Lambert, Mick Medical Plastics Southern 2003
Landes, Brian, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Mid-Michigan 2015
Lee, Norman C. Blow Molding Carolinas 2001
Levine, Stuart (D) Injection Molding New York 2004
Lewallen, Lou Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Detroit 1999
Lewis, Randy Thermoset Caribbean 1999
Lipp, Peter Thermoset/Injection Molding Kentuckiana 2004
Longley, William V. Color & Appearance Detroit 1996
Lopez, Benjamin Blow Molding --- 2017
Loudin, Len L. (D) Vinyl Plastics Southern 1994
Lutton, C.D. "Chuck" Automotive Detroit 1995
MacLean-Blevins, Mark T. Product Design & Development 2020
Martin, George C. Polymer Analysis Rochester 2002
Martinez, Riccardo A. Engineering Properties & Structure Mid-Hudson 1992
Marx, Fred M. Vinyl Plastics Southern 1993
Masciarelli, Alberico (D) Electrical & Electronic Eastern New England 1993
Mastrodonato, Richard N. Decorating & Assembly Rochester 2007
Mathis, Gwen S. Thermoforming Southern 1992
McAndrew, Francis B. Engineering Properties & Structure Palisades-New Jersey 2009
McClelland, Sandra President's Cup Detroit 2013
McGarry, J. J. (Jack) Blow Molding Carolinas 1994
McMurrer, Mary C. (D) Polymer Modifiers & Additives Lehigh Valley 1996
McNamara, John F. Blow Molding Miami Valley 1993
McNamara, Tom Injection Molding Upper Midwest 2012
Meckley, Jonathon Blow Molding Northwestern PA 2013
Mehta, Kishor S. Injection Molding Pittsburgh 1999
Mendelsohn, Morris A. Electrical & Electronic Pittsburgh 1993
Merrill, Kenneth E. Injection Molding Kansas City 2006
Merrington, Adrian, Dr. Recycling Detroit Section 2021
Michel, Han P. Australia-New Zealand Australia-New Zealand 2022
Miller, Henry L. Plastics Analysis Western Michigan 1993
Miller, Richard J. Thermoset Western Michigan 1993
Miller, Thomas Automotive Detroit 2014
Moberg, Clifford Moldmaking & Mold Design Milwaukee 2001
Monte, Salvatore J. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Palisades 2003
Moore, Jan R. Rotational Molding Carolinas 2002
Moore, John Injection Molding South Texas 2006
Moran, Michelle Medical Plastics Chicago 2003
Morey, William Decorating & Assembly Connecticut 2013
Morrison, Thomas F. Marketing & Management Pioneer Valley 1997
Moulinié, Pierre R. Medical Plastics Pittsburgh 2024
Mount, Eldridge M. Extrusion Rochester 2004
Mukhopadhyay, Prithu, Dr. Polymer Analysis Quebec 2015
Mulholland, Bruce M. Color & Appearance Miami Valley 2006
Murray, Allan D Automotive Detroit 1993
Muzzy, John D. Composites Southern 2002
Myers, Jo Anne Marketing & Management Newark 1995
Nelson, George E. Moldmaking & Mold Design Connecticut 1993
Nenadal, C.G. "Pete" Thermoset Cleveland 1992
Neward, Lance Product Design & Development Great Salt Lake 2002
Newman, Michael G. Injection Molding Ontario 1999
Norris, C.K. "Tony" Plastics Recycling Upper Midwest 1996
Northrop, Dennis C. Decorating & Assembly Detroit 2007
Nunn, Richard A. (D) Marketing & Management Connecticut 1999
Nunnaro, Ralph Color & Appearance Ontario 2006
O'Connell, William Polymer Modifiers & Additives Eastern New England 2000
Okamoto, Kelvin T. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Chicago 2005
Okonski, David A. Injection Molding Detroit 2024
Owens, Scott E. President's Cup 2012
Pageau, Kevin Automotive Detroit 2004
Palermo, Joseph C. Automotive Detroit 1999
Palmer, Franklin D. Thermoforming Tennessee Valley 1996
Pape, Peter G. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Mid-Michigan 2007
Pauwels, Yetty Additives & Color and European Thermoforming Benelux 1998
Perdikoulias, John Extrusion Ontario 2006
Peters, Russell B., Jr. Extrusion Mid-Michigan 2007
Peters, Scott L. Mold Making & Mold Design Hong Kong 2009
Peterson, Lloyd A. Injection Molding Chicago 1992
Petrach, Robert V., Jr. Injection Molding Detroit 2020
Petrovic, Rudi R. Injection Molding Milwaukee 2002
Pham, Hoa Injection Molding Pittsburgh 2010
Pham, Hoang T. Engineering Properties & Structure South Texas 2016
Phillips, Tracy Color & Appearance Southern 2012
Pickett, Thomas J. Automotive Detroit 2006
Polemenakos, Steve C. Polymer Modifiers & Additives South Texas 2004
Portnoy, Robert C. Medical Plastics South Texas 2002
Poston, Irvin E. (D) Automotive Detroit 2011
Powers, Thomas E. Automotive Detroit 2004
Price, Ronald F. (D) Automotive Detroit 2008
Prokopyshen, Monica H.L. Automotive Detroit 2009
Puckerin, Elizabeth J. Color & Appearance 2023
Puvak, Ronald A. Blow Molding Pittsburgh 2007
Radosta, Joseph A., Jr. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Lehigh Valley 1995
Rajguru, Sharad R. Injection Molding Rochester 1999
Ramesh, Natarajan S. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams North Texas 2010
Rangos, Jr., George C. (D) Color & Appearance Ohio Firelands 2002
Rao, Nippani (D) Automotive Detroit 2005
Rathgeber, Juergen (D) Extrusion Chicago 1995
Rathman, John R. Blow Molding Bartlesville-Tulsa 2005
Ratzlaff, Jon Rotational Molding Bartlesville-Tulsa 2006
Reid, Austin H. Color & Appearance Tennessee Valley 2004
Reid, Sharyl M. Color & Appearance Southern 2010
Reinker, James K. Automotive Detroit 1997
Reso, Ron Automotive Detroit 2000
Richardson, Paul N. Extrusion Philadelphia 1993
Richmond, Lois Injection Molding Western Michigan 1997
Richmond, Robert M. Marketing & Management Western Michigan 1997
Rife, Edward Automotive Detroit 1998
Riley, David W. (D) Polymer Modifiers & Additives Palisades 2002
Rios, Antoine Composites Milwaukee 2016
Rogers, Jay Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1997
Root, Donald Injection Molding Detroit 2006
Rotheiser, Jordan (D) Product Design & Development Chicago 2002
Rush, Kimberly Vinyl Plastics Chicago 2015
Rushdy, A. K. "Tony" Blow Molding Quebec 1993
Russell, Robert D. Injection Molding Rochester 1992
Rutland, Samuel F. Vinyl Plastics Carolinas 1993
Sadowsky, Maurice J. Marketing & Management Philadelphia 2004
Schipper, Peggy S. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 2006
Schmidt, Lawrence R., Dr. Injection Molding Hudson-Mohawk 2007
Schneider, Larry Rotational Molding Rock Valley 2006
Schoeller, Russell E. (D) Blow Molding Chicago 1996
Schoenberg, Julian Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Carolinas 1997
Schultz, David R. Polymer Modifiers and Additives Akron 2003
Seavey, Alton W. Injection Molding Connecticut 1995
Shah, Suresh Automotive Detroit 2004
Shah, Vishu Injection Molding Southern California 2009
Shekita, Gregory A. (D) Mold Making Design Piedmont Coastal 1997
Shelton, Harry C. (D) Thermoset Buffalo 1993
Shih, Chi-Kai Polymer Analysis Baltimore-Washington 2002
Shirley, Gaylord Mold Making & Mold Design South Florida 1994
Shrader, Owen A. Injection Molding Kentuckiana 1993
Shute, Raymond J. (D) Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Chicago 2003
Simko, Timothy D. Composites Michiana 2009
Slawska, Robert A. (D) Blow Molding Newark 1998
Sloss, Thomas J. Injection Molding Connecticut 2004
Smith, Clarence G. Product Design & Development Southern California 2009
Smith, Thomas L. (D) Mold Making & Mold Design Northern Indiana 1995
Smith, William L. Injection Molding Southern 2009
Sosa, Marie-France Injection Molding Quebec 2017
Soskey, Paul R. Engineering Properties & Structure Newark 2004
Spalding, Mark Extrusion Mid-Michigan 2012
Spalter, Gary Injection Molding New York 1999
Squires, Paul H. (D) Extrusion Carolinas 2002
Starkey, Ralph Decorating & Assembly Tri-State 2006
Steele, Scott W. Blow Molding Toledo 2014
Steil, Frederick G. (D) Mold Making & Mold Design Detroit 2005
Steiner, Martha M. Plastics Analysis Golden Gate 1997
Stratton, Douglas Automotive Detroit 1998
Sun, Luyi , Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Connecticut 2018
Suthers, Johnny Color & Appearance TN-VA-Holston Valley 2003
Tam, Edwin Bioplastics & Renewable Technologies and Additive Manufacturing 2019
Tamsen, Roger (D) Injection Molding Milwaukee 2001
Taranto, Alfred Injection Molding Carolinas 1998
Taylor, Gerald (Gary) W. (D) Injection Molding Akron 2016
Thomas, Michael P. Injection Molding Milwaukee 2008
Todd, William H. Automotive Detroit 1993
Trinklein, Robert S. Color & Appearance Eastern New England 2005
Turng, Lih-Sheng (Tom) Injection Molding Milwaukee 2014
Uglum, Paul A. Decorating & Assembly 2016
Vadhar, Parimal (Perry) Thermoplastic Materials & Foams and Flexible Packaging Carolinas 2014
Vaidya, Uday Composites none 2018
Wagner, John R., Jr. Extrusion Rochester 2015
Wagner, Richard C. Flexible Packaging South Texas 2007
Walker, Dale (D) Extrusion South Texas 1999
Waller, Paul Flexible Packaging Ontario 2007
Walling, Ronald L. Plastics Environmental Chicago 2003
Walsh, Thomas Engineering Properties & Structure South Texas 2003
Wayrick, Isobel Marketing & Management Newark 2000
Wegelin, Robert C. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Akron 2004
Weiler, Robert G. Vinyl Plastics Akron 2021
Weinberg, Elliott (D) Polymer Modifiers & Additives Palisades 2001
Weisfeld, Lewis B. Vinyl Plastics Philadelphia 2002
Wells, William Thermoforming Mid-Michigan 2006
Wendle, Bruce C. Injection Molding Pacific Northwest 1992
Wenskus, James J. Jr. Injection Molding Rochester 2005
West, Brian Color & Appearance Smoky Mountain 2000
Whitney, Jr., Alva E. (D) Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1992
Williams, Gordon Blow Molding Newark 2001
Williams, Joseph Polymer Modifiers & Additives Lehigh Valley 2000
Windscheif, William J. Automotive Detroit 2016
Winkler, Karen L. Medical Plastics Southern 2007
Witenhafer, Donald E.,Dr.(D) Engineering Properties & Structure Central Texas 2008
Witzler, Suzy I. Injection Molding Rocky Mountain 2002
Wolverton, Mark, P. Product Design & Development Chicago 2015
Womer, Timothy W. Extrusion Akron 2010
Wright, A. Nelson (D) Vinyl Plastics Quebec 1997
Wyer, Raymond T., Jr Injection Molding Chicago 1999
Yarbrough, Delbert Blow Molding Southern California 1995
Zeller, Robert C. Color & Appearance Lehigh Valley 1997
Zheng, Wei, Dr. Applied Rheology Upper Midwest 2023
Zimmerman, Charles C. (D) Injection Molding Southern California 1993

(D) Deceased

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