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Technical Article Briefs

Alkyd-clay nanocomposite coatings enhance anticorrosion and mechanical properties
B. P. Mallik, Nirmalya Moitra, Priyanka G. Dhirde, Venkata Gopal Reddy Chada, March 2017

Exfoliated organo-modified montmorillonite clays in alkyd resins improve the barrier and mechanical properties of polymeric coatings for metal substrates.

Improving nanocomposite performance with graphene oxide and graphene nanosheets
Denis Rodrigue, Abou el kacem Qaiss , Hamid Essabir, Rachid Bouhfid, Marya Raji, March 2017

A good dispersion of graphene nanoparticles and nanosheets in polyvinylidene fluoride, achieved by combining solution mixing and melt compounding, improves its mechanical and electrical properties.

Novel ablative polymer-based composite for aerospace applications
Marco Rallini, Ivan Puri, Maurizio Natali, Luigi Torre, March 2017

A composite of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber and phenolic resin can be used to protect rocket and probe components at high temperatures.

Novel high-performance all-aramid composites
Ton Peijs, Jian Min Zhang , Beatriz Cortes-Ballesteros, March 2017

Self-reinforced polymer composites are prepared by applying an elaborately designed surface-dissolution method to fuse and consolidate poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) fibers.

Polymer/magnetite nanocomposites with electrical and magnetic conductivity
M. T. Ramesan , P. Jayakrishnan, March 2017

A novel nanocomposite based on poly(anthranilic acid) with magnetite nanoparticles synthesized by a one-step method achieves enhanced crystallinity, magnetic properties, and AC and DC conductivity.

Surface-initiated catalytic polymerization of hemp fibers
Charles Dubois, Denis Rodrigue , Desire Yomeni Chimeni, March 2017

A novel surface treatment is experimentally tested as a way to improve the mechanical properties of polymer composites.

Bioplastics to eliminate environmental pollution from agricultural plastic waste
Evelia Schettini, Giuliano Vox, Luciana Sartore, February 2017

Biodegradable polymeric materials based on hydrolyzed proteins from leather waste can be used as biodegradable mulch spray-coatings in horticulture and as containers for seedlings.

Relating mold adhesion problems to heat transfer properties
Johannes Khinast, Daniel Treffer , Alexander Troiss, February 2017

Interfacial temperature instantaneously approaches a certain level depending on thermal effusivities when two bodies are brought into contact, and this level is decisive for adhesion formation.

Effects of tempering on adhesion of liquid silicone rubber to thermoplastics
Volker Altstadt, Christin Baumgart , Dominik Weiß, February 2017

Tempering improves the mechanical properties of liquid silicone rubber, but also decreases its ability to adhere to engineering thermoplastics.

Conductive polymer/silver- coated textile composites with antibacterial properties
Mehmet Sacak, Meryem Kalkan Erdogan , Meral Karakisla, February 2017

A composite made up of a conductive polymer, poly(!italic!o!/italic!-anisidine), and metallic silver particles imparts antibacterial activity and electrical conductivity when deposited on a nonwoven textile fabric.

An improved strength tensor-based failure criterion with stress interactions
Paul V. Osswald, Tim A. Osswald, February 2017

A new failure criterion includes tensor stress interaction components that can be computed using minimal experimental data depicting the slope of the failure surface at distinct stress axes intersections.

Accurate characterization of moisture absorption in polymeric materials
M. Cengiz Altan, Youssef K. Hamidi , Gorkem E. Guloglu, January 2017

The importance of using the exact solution of the hindered diffusion model is demonstrated on experimental data from a nanoclay/epoxy composite.

Simulating ultrasonic decrosslinking of crosslinked high-density polyethylene
Avraam Isayev , Keyuan Huang, January 2017

Process modeling results are validated with experimental twin-screw extrusion measurements.

Fabrication of electrically conductive and antibacterial biocomposite materials
Hamed Azizi, Mohammad Khajeh Mehrizi, Saeid Fattahi, Mohammad Taghi Satoungar, January 2017

A direct electrospinning process was used to produce polylactic acid/silver nanowire fibers that exhibit a core-shell structure.

Enhancing the electrical conductivity of incompatible polymer blends
Dipak Khastgir, Soumya Mondal, January 2017

A novel two-step mixing process is investigated, in which carbon black fillers are added to a nitrile butadiene rubber/ethylene propylene diene monomer mixture in different sequences.

Forming process for carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic sheets
Kiichirou Kawamoto, Takeshi Yoneyama, Daichi Tatsuno , Masayuki Okamoto, January 2017

A production process using a mechanical servo press shows promise for forming, trimming, and joining carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic sheets for the fabrication of automobile parts.

Crystalline polycarbonate articles fabricated by hot powder compaction
Zahir Bashir, Abdul Salam Thelakkadan, January 2017

The feasibility of a novel method is demonstrated by producing crystalline polycarbonate with a defined shape from polycarbonate for the first time.

Mechanical and crystal enhancements to polylactide with silver-nanoparticle filler
Shahir Karami, Saul Sanchez, Tomas Lozano-Ramirez, Ana B. Morales-Cepeda , Jesus Bautista-Del-Angel, Pierre Lafleur, January 2017

Processing poly(lactic acid) with low concentrations of silver using a twin-screw extruder leads to nanocomposites with enhanced crystallinity and improved mechanical properties.

Novel preparation technique for polycarbonate/titanium dioxide nanocomposites
Daniel Jose da Silva, December 2016

The mechanical and thermal stability characteristics of bisphenol-A polycarbonate/electrospun titanium dioxide nanofiber samples, produced via molten-state mixing, are presented.

Depolymerization of terephthalic acid using hot compressed water
Ke Bei, Zhiyan Pan , Junliang Wang, December 2016

Investigations into the phase behavior, stability, and the mechanism for stability of terephthalic acid in hot compressed water may enable more effective recycling of polybutylene terephthalate.

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